Visiting Assistant Professor at Wingate University

Course taught:

  • Global Perspectives (World History): Four sections.

Part time Lecturer at Queens University of Charlotte

Courses taught include:

  • Women and Islam
  • Globalization. Two sections: the Middle East, and Central and South Asia.
  • Politics of the Middle East: 20th c. politics, with a focus on major countries (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel).
  • Middle East History: from 7th c. Arabia to the present, with an emphasis on colonialism and the 20th c. post-colonial world.
  • History of Islam: Life of the Prophet Muhammad, early Islamic history, major sects, belief system.
  • Hinduism: Introductory course that included visits to the Hindu Center.

Visiting Assistant Professor at Wingate University

Course taught:

  • World Civilizations: Four sections of a 2-semester survey of world history.

Adjunct Lecturer, Winthrop University

  • Taught a World History course concentrating on two key cultural-religious texts, namely, the Iliad and the Ramayana (from India).

Adjunct Lecturer, UNC Charlotte

Courses taught include:

  • 20th c. World History: all regions of the world from just before World War I to the present.
  • History of the Modern Middle East: from World War I to the present.
  • South Asian History: colonialism, independence and partition, and the post independence era.

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Religion, Rutgers University

Taught two sections of an undergraduate course entitled “The Islamic Tradition,” covered the history of Islam from its seventh-century origins in Arabia to present-day developments in Egypt, Iran, South Asia, and the USA.

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Liberal Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham

Taught a range of multidisciplinary undergraduate courses on South Asia, including:

  • Major Non-Western Traditions: The Traditional Order. Taught the section on India.
  • Liberal Studies: India, (a course that touched on society and culture, history and politics).
  • Myth and Folklore.
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